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$239 per year one system

It never fails! Your air conditioning or heating system always breaks down when you need it most. To help prevent this, GS Mechanical highly recommends our Comfort Care Club.

A well maintained system offers you maximum efficiency and performance, reduced operating costs, minimizes unexpected and costly breakdowns and increases reliability and equipment life.

Becoming a Comfort Care Club customer offers you regularly scheduled maintenance which includes discounted rates and establishes a working relationship with a professional company. Plus, being a Comfort Care Club customer gives you less waiting with priority service. You'll be placed ahead of everyone else who has called for service and is not a service plan customer.

What is included in the air conditioning / heating Comfort Care Club:

  • Clean or replace filter (homeowner provided or we can order for additional fee).

  • Lube motor and bearing. Inspect all mechanical components for wear.

  • Inspect and adjust belt.

  • Disassemble and clean lint and dirt from condenser coils.

  • Clean condensation drain. Clean and inspect cooling coil.

  • Inspect and tighten electrical, check voltage/amps. Inspect connections and all electrical components.

  • Inspect refrigerant pressures.

  • Clean burners and inspect ignition.

  • Visually inspect heat exchanger and flue. Clean combustion air screen.

  • Inspect safety controls. Operate and test heating/ cooling controls & sequence.

Call us to discuss multiple systems plan options.

We offer monthly payment plans as well.

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